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We Need Feedback

We would like to know how the new CMS is working out. Our experience has been good at this time, but due to all of the variables involved with the internet, we need to know how responsive the website is from as many people as possible.
The current configuration is, to us, a Java heavy environment, and we are worried about performance issues. There are things we can do to mitigate borderline performance, but we need to know about such issues in order to address them. Please take the time to leave a comment on this. A carbon based lifeform will read your message.

9 comments to We Need Feedback

  • Will Byers

    Cannot log in with new system.
    Pictures of van Fleet trail did not load

    • gophert

      Sorry, but all accounts were tanked when the old system became unstable. And due to the security issues, I have turned off registration.

      But you will be able to comment freely now that I have approved your first comment.

  • Ron Padgett

    There is a new bike trail that will be open mid to late next year. The Timucuan trail on Big Talbot Island. It is under construction now. It will eventually tie into other parts of the Timucuan trail and run from the north end of Amelia Island to Hanna Park.

  • Kelly

    Where are the maos of the trails??

  • Raj

    The website seems to be loading fine. I’m using Chrome browser with Win 7.

    I’m from out of state and was wondering how biking in FL, particularly Lee County/Fort Myers is. Are there bike lanes, are motorists familiar with bikers, etc. Basically how safe would it be for me to bike to work?

    Lot of Trails in FL – love it & would love to try them out sometime!

  • Gary Jones

    I live in Arkansas and have become addicted to riding my bike over this summer. I am looking for a place to go on vacation this December to get out of the cold and ride. While your website may not be set up for out of state people like me, I am sure many people like me would use your site for information. What would really help me is 1)Maps. I have no idea where your counties are. Maps of Florida would help, maps of the counties would help, and maps of the trails would help. I use MapMyRide when I ride in Arkansas. If you had something like that that I could look at, it would really be helpful. 2)Peak seasons and temperatures. I need warm weather, so I do not think the panhandle will be ideal, but I am not sure. Would be nice if your site had that information. Just my two cents.

  • gophert

    There is a state map showing where all the counties are at

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